Would you agree...
...that riding a bicycle is a healthy, fun, affordable, and eco-friendly activity and mode of transportation? We think so; and we believe that everyone should have access to
flight on two wheels. To help achieve this vision, we offer a part of the solution:
public bicycle repair stations and easy-to-use bicycle repair guides.

Meet the Bike Med Kit:
a simple to use public bicycle repair station with tools for basic maintenance and repair.

Mounting Options
  1. Mounting to a flat wall. When placing your order, specify which type of fastener you will need based on the wall material. We offer tamper-proof fasteners for wood, brick, and concrete walls.
  2. Mounting to a curved surface such as a bike rack post, telephone pole, or street lamp. For this application we offer tamper-proof hose clamps.
Make sure to scout out where you will be mounting your Bike Med Kit before you order so that we can ship you the necessary hardware. When your kit arrives make sure to check out our installation guide.

Custom Sponsorship Sticker
Included with every Bike Med Kit is a custom 2.5 x 2.5 inch sponsorship sticker. The design is yours; you can include logos, images, names, text, websites, QR codes, etc. Stickers are printed on vinyl and will not fade or come off in the elements. If you order multiple Bike Med Kits, each one can have a different sticker. Instructions for sending in your sticker design(s) will be in your order confirmation email.