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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What tools come on a Bike Med Kit?
    • Bike Med Kits include all of the tools necessary for basic maintenance and repair. For the most current list, see the Bike Med Kit page.
  2. Do tools ever need to be replaced?
    • Despite our use of high quality tools, it is inevitable that some will occasionally break due to misuse. For a highly used Med Kit, expect to replace a tool every 6 months to a year. We offer replacement tools at affordable rates as well as a tool replacement guide. Make sure to read our general care guide to prolong the life of your Med Kit.
  3. What mounting options are available for Bike Med Kits?
    • We offer 2 different mounting options: fasteners for mounting to a flat wall and hose clamps for mounting to a curved surface such as a bike rack post, telephone pole, street lamp, etc. Make sure you scout out where you will be mounting your Med Kit before you order so that we can ship the necessary hardware! Also see our installation guide.


General Care

Tool Replacement